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Roller Blinds- A Summary

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If you are tired of your old roller blinds but do not have enough money to buy ones, you could simply decorate your roller blinds and make them look stylish and brand new. When remodeling a home, people usually pay attention to changing the color of the walls or rearranging the furniture, completely neglecting the look of their windows. However, simply think of how many times during the day you look out the window and you will get the idea why changing your window treatments can be an important part of a remodeling project within your home. Now, if you are pleased with the blinds you already have, but simply want to refresh their look, there are a few things you can do to redecorate your roller blinds.

Before starting the remodeling task, you’ll need to make sure that the blinds are properly dusted and cleaned since you do not want anything to get in the way of your creativity. Collect the dust using a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner and use some water and a clean sponge to wipe the blind. Since you are already detaching the blind, you could wash it more thoroughly by soaking it into a bathtub.Checkout for more info.

First option in decorating your roller blinds is by attaching a piece of fabric onto its surface. The procedure is pretty simple. You will need to measure the blind in order of determining the size of the fabric you will be later gluing onto the blind. The fabric should be a few inches wider on all sides than the blind, not only to minimize the chance for measurement error but to also ease the gluing process. Now choose the fabric. You can opt for some natural or synthetic materials, single-colored or patterned, it is entirely up to you. However, better opt for some light materials like cotton rather than heavy ones like wool or velvet, since these may affect your blinds functionality.

The next step include sticking the fabric onto the blind. Use spray glue or glue gun to apply the glue evenly across the blind surface. Start attaching the fabric from top to bottom, making sure that there are no creases or bubbles. When you are done you could wrap the extra fabric around the blind and glue it on the back or simply cut it off.

When your redecorated roller blind has dried, it is time to add the finish. To properly seal the blind, add some white glue over the fabric which will prevent it from fraying. If you do not plan on rolling the blind up and down too often a matte sealant along the edges will do the trick. After everything has completely dried, your roller blind is ready to go back up.

Now, if you have some spare time on your hands, you could make the things even more interesting by adding some color to your blinds. Not to worry, since this is not too complicated but involves a bit more creativity and imagination. Prepare some water, some fabric paint and a few sponges. For more simple shapes, use regular sponges (square, circle) but if you want to take your roller blind decoration a step further, purchase some sponges in different shapes like flowers, animals, fruits or simply make some on your own.

We herewith offer a few more tips on decorating your roller blind. If you have already decided that it is time to replace your blind, before doing so you can still make some adjustments. You could cut the blind material into any shape you like. This could particularly look good in your children bedroom, since the cut shapes will allow some light through the blinds and create some beautiful shadows on the room wall. However, since this can affect your blind functionality, especially its insulating powers, it is best doing this during the summer where sunrays can penetrate the room and dance on the walls through the cut patterns. As previously mentioned, consider this only as a temporary solution (that is if you have already decided to get some new window covering) since winters can be harsh and cold air from the outside can travel through the cut material and affect your home thermal performance. The procedure is pretty simple. Use a marker or a pencil to draw the shape onto the blinds back and cut it using some craft knife sharp scissors. If you have cut only small pieces on the edges, these can be later on reinforced with some clear tape.

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